I. Technical Areas

The technical areas in which we offer IP protection include:

Mechanical engineering
Automotive engineering
Aerospace engineering
Machine tools
Materials science

Electrical engineering
Computer technology
Communications engineering & IT
Power engineering
Circuit technology
Telecommunications engineering

Medical technology

Laser technology

General chemistry
Food technology

II. Services (Technical IP Rights)

- Representation of clients before the German Patent and Trade mark Office, the European Patent Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the German Federal Court of Justice and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
- Preparation of patent and utility model applications in German and English (German patent and utility models, European patents)
- Preparation of international patent applications (in accordance with PCT requirements)
- Assistance with patent examination procedure and preparation of responses to official actions
- Prior art searching
- Expert opinions on patentability
- Expert opinions on the legal validity of patents or utility models
- Due-diligence audits
- Opposition proceedings, nullity proceedings and utility model cancellation proceedings
- Expert opinions on patent or utility model infringement issues
- Evaluation of potential design-arounds
- Provision of specialist legal advice in patent or utility model infringement suits
- Drawing up of licensing agreements
- Advice on the law relating to the inventions of employees
- Advice on patent strategies
- Patent portfolio management
- Patent translations
- Monitoring of patents
- Prosecuting, enforcing and defending technical IP rights abroad (through cooperation with foreign colleagues)